Trip Planning

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of the children, the following guidelines will be strictly enforced.

  1. Reservations are required for all educational tours.
  2. Your group should make every effort to arrive on time, and as one party. All educational tours will start at 9:45 a.m. and will last approximately 2 hours. Tours consist of a guided tour of Shark Reef Aquarium, and learning activities in Shark Reef Aquarium's classroom.
  3. If your group is going to be late or needs to cancel, please call 632-4555 to inform us as soon as possible.
  4. Each educational tour is limited to 30 children, and is allowed up to 5 free chaperones (teachers are considered chaperones). Any chaperones above the limit of 5 will be required to pay the full Shark Reef Aquarium admission price of $17.00. No exceptions.
    Please note that each morning Shark Reef Aquarium can accommodate two educational tours.
  5. Please note that 30 children is the maximum number that Shark Reef Aquarium can accommodate for each educational tour. We reserve the right to cancel your tour upon arrival if your group size exceeds 30 children.If you are scheduled for 2 educational tours, your maximum group size must not exceed 60 children.
  6. Due to the size limit of the classroom, extra chaperones may not be able to participate in the classroom portion of the program.
  7. We request that children under age 4 not be included in your field trip.
  8. Please do not bring any food or drinks to Shark Reef Aquarium. This includes water bottles.
  9. Please remember the tour is primarily for the children. To help maximize the learning experience and enjoyment for the children, we ask chaperones to help the children focus their attention on the Educators, to limit conversations with fellow chaperones, and to refrain from cell phone use. Chaperones should not answer educational questions directed towards the children.
  10. We would like to know who you are! Please wear adhesive-backed name badges or paper necklaces with your name (pinned badges may end up in the water and are harmful to our animals).
  11. Please copy and distribute these guidelines to all participating teachers and group leaders.
  12. Please be advised that during your tour, we are open to the public. Your assistance in keeping your group together is appreciated.

If you have any questions regarding your school tour program, please call the Shark Reef Aquarium Education Department at (702) 632-4555, option 2.

Thank you again, and we look forward to your tour!

Management reserves all rights. Prices subject to change without notice.