Rare Animals

An animal is classified as an endangered or threatened species when it is in danger of becoming extinct due to harmful human activity, such as over-hunting, or environmental factors like global warming.

When a species is labeled as endangered or threatened, they become subject to protective regulations and conservation measures. Unless swift and positive is taken immediately with these animals, they are destined to become extinct in the wild and may only survive in aquariums, zoological institutions and wildlife parks.

Through the use of zoos, aquariums and other animal refuges, these animals will have a better chance of survival by educating the public, captive breeding programs and habitat conservation efforts.

Here is a list of the endangered and threatened species that you can see at Shark Reef:

Komodo Dragon
Green Sea Turtles
Burmese Pythons
Cownose Rays

These species are rare to see in zoos and aquariums but are exhibited at Shark Reef Aquarium:

  • Black Piranha
  • Southern Fiddler Ray
  • Galapagos Shark
  • Grey Reef Shark
  • Bowmouth Guitarfish/Shark Ray

One sign of a healthy habitat and healthy animals is when offspring are born.

Shark Reef Aquarium has several species of offspring born here including:

  • Southern Stingrays
  • Motoro Rays
  • Leopoldi Rays
  • Bamboo Sharks
  • Epaulette Sharks
  • Bonnethead Sharks
  • Blacktip Reef Sharks
  • Sandbar Sharks
  • Zebra Sharks
  • California Round Rays
  • Black Piranhas
  • Pupfish

It is through successful captive reproduction that we are ensuring populations in the wild are not being depleted.