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Shark Reef Aquarium and Polar Journey ticket packages can be purchased either on-line or at the Shark Reef Aquarium or Mandalay Bay Box Office.

Shark Reef Aquarium and Polar Journey Package:

Seniors (65+)
Children (Age 4-12)
Children (3 & under)


Nevada Resident Admission:

Children (Age 4-12)
Children (3 & under)

Present your Nevada issued ID at time of purchase at the Box Office

Best Value Package:

Available at the Shark Reef Box Office.

Includes: one admission to Shark Reef and one admission to Polar Journey, once 6x9 photo and a souvenir gift.

Seniors (65+)


Best Value for Nevada Resident:

Children (Age 4-12)
Children (3 & under)


Annual Pass

Join the Frenzy!

Purchase the pass today at the Shark Reef Aquarium Box Office and start saving plus enjoy all the benefits for one year.

  • Unlimited entry to Shark Reef Aquarium & Polar Journey
  • 10% off regular priced Shark Reef Gift Shop Merchandise
  • 10% off Birthday Party Rental for listed children
  • 10% off Cashman Photo Enterprises
  • Access to the Dive with Sharks Guest Dive Program



Child (Age 4-12)

Annual Passes are non-refundable and non-transferable. Previously purchased tickets are not valid for upgrade. Benefits are for listed pass holders only.

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The Fine Print:
The Annual Pass is good for one year from the date of purchase for the names listed on the pass. Names and ages of children must be given at time purchase. If a child is age three (3) at the time of purchase of an Adult pass, the child will continue to receive free entry after turning age four (4) until the renewal date. One card per family or household; lost or extra cards are an additional $5.00 each. The aquarium may close early for private rentals, these dates and times will be listed on the Events Calendar of Shark Reef's website. Events both exclusive and public maybe an additional up-charge. Gift Shop discount is for regular priced items only and does not include sale items. No refunds, exchanges or transfers. Shark Reef and Mandalay Bay reserves the right to change or substitute this program and/or benefits.



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Dive with Sharks Guest Diver Experience:

Dive certified Mandalay Bay guests will now have the opportunity to SCUBA dive in the 1.3 million gallon, 22 foot deep Shipwreck Exhibit, surrounded by sharks, rays, sawfish, green sea turtles and schools of fish.


This unique exhibit houses over 30 sharks; including Sandtiger, Sandbar and White Tip Reef Sharks. This program is available to Mandalay Bay and Annual Pass guests who are certified divers.

Limited Reservations available for Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Experience Overview
  • Guided Tour of the Aquarium
  • Exhibit & Equipment Orientation with Dive Guide
  • Dive Experience with Dive Guide
  • Showers and Dressing

Total Experience Time: 3 to 4 hours

  • Dive Experience
  • Video of Dive
  • Up to 4 Admissions for diver’s guests to Shark Reef Aquarium (Tour & Exhibit Only) to view dive

  • $ 650 1 Diver
  • $ 1000 2 Divers (Must be booked together)
  • All divers must be dive certified and 18 years & older

A Cancellation or date change must be requested more than 72 hours in advance. All confirmed dives will be subject to a cancellation or change fee of $75 per diver. Late cancellations (less then 72 hours) and no-shows will not be refunded or rescheduled.

Dive with Sharks Request

Dive With Sharks FAQ

Q: Why do I need to be a certified diver?
A: To fully enjoy the Dive with Sharks Experience and move around the exhibit freely, a diver must use SCUBA equipment. To dive on SCUBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) using compressed air it is required that a diver receives training and is certified by a qualified and certified instructor.

Q: Why can't I bring my own equipment? (wet suit, bcd, etc)
A: To ensure the health and safety of our animals and to avoid potential contamination from other sources all equipment will be provided by Shark Reef Aquarium. Additionally this equipment is checked by a certified dive equipment technician on a regular basis. All divers may bring their own mask, however it will be dipped in a chlorine bath prior to the dive.

Q: Who is the Dive Guide?
A: All Shark Reef Aquarium Dive with Sharks Dive Guides are Certified Instructor Level Divers. They will guide you through the set up and diving to ensure a great experience. While these are professional instructors, Shark Reef Aquarium does not offer a diver certification program. All participants must meet the minimum requirements for training, experience and health prior to booking.

Q: How long is the dive?
A: The dive or in water time is scheduled for one tank of air or approximately 45 minutes, whichever is less. This is also dependant on other factors such as diver comfort and abilities.

Q: What is the water temperature, depth and the exhibit like?
A: The Shipwreck exhibit is 1.3 million gallons of salt water. The temperature is approximately 74 - 78 degrees and the maximum depth is 22 feet.

Q: What are the species and sizes of the animals?
A: The Shipwreck Exhibit is home to many fascinating creatures including seven species of sharks; Sandtiger Sharks (~7 - 9 feet), Sandbar Sharks (~6 - 8 feet), Gray Reef Sharks (~ 4 - 5 feet), Galapagos Shark (~ 5 - 6 feet), Nurse Sharks (~7 - 9 feet), White Tip Reef Sharks (~4 - 5 feet), Zebra Sharks (~ 5 - 6 feet). There are also two species of rays: Southern Stingrays, Green Sawfish and various species of bony fish.

Q: Can I interact with and/or touch the animals?
A: To provide the safest experience possible, touching or approaching the sharks, stingrays, turtles or fish is prohibited and will result in removal of the diver from the experience. If an animal is approaching you, you will be instructed by your guide on what to do.

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: Almost everything is provided for you to have a great experience, including all dive equipment, locker rooms, showers, shampoo/body wash, towels, snack, and bottle of water. Each diver will need to bring a swimsuit, an adventurous spirit and any other personal care items they require.

Q: What if I need to cancel or change my date?
A: A cancellation or date change must be requested more than 72 hours in advance. There will be a cancellation or change fee of $75 per diver. Late cancellations and no-shows will not be refunded or rescheduled.

Q: How soon after diving can I fly?
A: Standards require a period of a minimum of 12 hours prior to flying after diving.

Q: Can I bring my own underwater camera?
A: Your experience includes a professional video of your dive and the exhibit, then you are free to enjoy the exhibit and animals without the distraction of taking pictures. Please see "Why can't I bring my own equipment?"

Q: Can I bring friends or family to watch?
A: Each guest diver may bring up to four (4) guests to view the experience. The guests will be included in the guided tour of the aquarium and behind the scenes areas. They will then be escorted to the public viewing area of the Shipwreck. The Dive Guide will need the full attention of the guest diver to review equipment and instructions. Depending on dressing and prep time, there may be up to 45 minutes after the tour before the divers enter the water.

Q: Why must we wear chain maille for this dive?
A: While sharks, whether in the wild or in the aquarium, are not aggressive toward divers; chain maille allows you to experience the dive with no concern about your safety. This enables us to have a minimum impact on the sharks' behavior providing the guest diver with the most naturalistic experience possible.